Hi! I’m Travis.

I’m an SRE1. I think a lot about DX2, D&I3, growth, and mentoring.

In a talk whos title and speaker I forget4 (something about SDN5 development) it was said “software problems aren’t real problems”, this was to say when problems exist in software you always have the option to crack it open and fix it yourself (should you be willing to make the investment); this was in contrast to hardware where the investment required to “crack it open” is often beyond the capabilities (let alone desire) of an organizaion.

I entirely agree with this. Though I encourage you to think carefully about if your problem is even technical to begin with; tech can assist and smooth over non-technical solutions, but it shouldn’t be the solution itself.

Many technical problems come about from trying to solve people problems with tech.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer (note: I have not worked at Google) ↩︎

  2. Developer Experience; like “how much do I have to remember to see my logs in Kubernetes”. ↩︎

  3. Diversity and Inclusion. ↩︎

  4. If you know what talk this is, please let me know! ↩︎

  5. Software Defined Networking; let’s you control the flow of packets in a network much more dynamically. ↩︎